Stop! Have you checked your car brake pads? Do you realize the dangers of not doing so regularly? Put a brake on what you’re doing right now and read this! Checking your brake pads is not as hard as it sounds. Timely maintenance and inspection are important to keep you and your loved ones safe in your car. You need to know how to do so at once if you are not aware.

3 Reasons to Check your Car Brake Pads

  • Your car brake pads require periodic maintenance to ensure safety.
  • It helps lengthen the lifespan of your brakes and your car.
  • Your rotors can get damaged with worn out brakes. This can add to the repair costs of your braking system.

How Often Should You Check Your Car Brakes?

  • Make sure you check your car brakes every six months or each time you have your car tires changed.
  • If you drive in the city mostly, frequently slowing down, stopping and starting will wear down your brake pads faster.
  • If you drive mainly in the rural areas and hit your brakes hard from time to time to evade wild animals or sudden road bumps, your brake pads will suffer from wear and tear too.
  • Check with the SK Automotive Specialists to know how often your car brake pads need checking.

Tell Tale Signs to Check Your Car Brake Pads

  • Noisy Brakes: You know your brake pads need changing when you hear a metallic squeak when you apply pressure to slow down or stop your car. With increasing pressure, the sound gets louder. You know it’s time to replace your brakes then.
  • Black Dust: Another sign of wear and tear on your brakes is when you notice black dust on your wheels. The black dust increases as your brake pads get more worn out. Your wheels can have the dust on them one moment and suddenly look cleaner a few days later. Replace your pads at once.
  • Thinner Brake Pads: If the brake pads look thinner through the wheels, you know they are wearing off. You may feel them vibrating from time to time or your foot may sink lower than usual when you apply the brakes.

Call SK Automotive to Check and Replace Your Car Brakes

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