Has your car had a chequered past? You may want to take it to the experts to check out a thing or two before you consider selling it. Even if it looks intact on the surface, the inside story could be different. Although you may put up with a few loose hinges or turn a deaf ear to unexpected noises, a buyer most definitely will not. Make sure your car is in good condition to get the most value when you sell. If you’ve been in a collision, look out for these issues and try to fix them properly before you put up your car for sale.

Car Collision Damages to Watch Out For

  • Frame Damage: If your vehicle has been involved in a high-speed collision, the frame is the first thing to get affected. Damaged or improperly installed parts after repairs can cause annoying noises or engine and transmission failure in serious cases. A moderate speed collision between 30 to 45 mph can bend the basic frame of your vehicle, leading to uneven tire wear, suspension damage, broken engine mounts and more. This is because the frame is made of malleable steel that bends before it falls apart. More rigid materials can fall apart completely, but in an automobile, the steel frame holds engines and other fragile components that can get affected when the steel is bent out of shape. When you get the frame fixed, make sure the parts it protects are inspected as well.
  • Bent Welds: The weakest parts of an automobile get affected first in a collision. The welded joints are susceptible to bending or breaking when it hits an object. If the weld located on the underside of a car snaps, a lot could happen to catch you unawares. Parts of the exhaust could drag on the ground. Your transmission could become loose. Engine mounts could get damaged, leading to noisy vibrations or missed shifts. The tires, brakes and suspension could all get affected. In worse cases, the entire car can lose alignment, making it hard to drive. Hastily welding the parts together may not resolve the problem. Weaker welds that trap air and metal oxides are prone to further damages. What your car needs is advanced, precision-engineered factory welding, designed to match the metals to the alloys in the car parts.
  • Alignment Issues: Improper repair work can damage your damaged vehicle further. It can weaken components leading to alignment issues, structural damage, weaker components and unappealing finish. Simply put, the car won’t feel good to drive or look in good shape. All of this can severely devalue your vehicle. The only way to get it to shape and spike up resale value is by having it inspected by a respected auto repair company.

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