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We are actively involved in the Oakville community. If you have children or grandchildren in minor sports, you’ve probably noticed the name ‘SK Automotive Specialists’ on team sweaters. Supporting the fabric of one’s community is what independent business is all “about”.

And are we ever proud of the young ones. They are our future. Independent business contributes to the quality of life in Oakville in a way that huge corporations cannot. Helping children develop the necessary skills to grow and take their place in society is a part of what SK Automotive Specialists is all about.

It is nice to know that as our customer, you, too, are helping to ensure our youth is learning first hand about team spirit, about reaching goals and striving for excellence. Together we are building a better community.

So, if you are in the stands at a youth game, and see SK Automotive Specialists working as a team, cheer loudly for the kids, and give an extra cheer for yourself since you are contributing to their development.

Stay with whom you trust. We at SK Automotive Specialists proceed with only the work you approve, using only the quality parts that you accept. If we think using parts from an auto recycler is a viable alternative, we will advise you of this option. However, you have the choice, and YOU make the decision. Not some claims adjuster in… well who knows where.

Many people will say that the “Insurance company recommended garages” got their preferred status based on the number of corners they’re willing to cut.

Larry and Dale Squires are proud of the work done by their team at SK Automotive Specialists. If your car is important to you and if it is important that it continues to run the way it did before the difficulties, call us at (905) 844-5674. We will help you with the insurance paperwork, and we can speak to your claims adjuster if need be. Our team will fix it right. The way you want it fixed! After all, it is your car and it is you who should make these decisions.

Who We Are 

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Dale Owner/Technician/Service

Born in Oakville and raised in Campbellville, Dale joined the family business right out of High School. With his knowledge, expertise, and eagerness to manage the company, he took over SK Automotive in 2003. Studied at Mohawk College to further his knowledge, Dale leads his team to top quality customer service.

Married with 2 kids, Colton and Renee, Dale loves snowmobiling and off-roading with his ATV.

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Larry (Founder / Technician)

Father of Dale, Larry started his career at Ford here in Oakville, Ontario. With his knowledge and love of Automobiles, Larry founded SK Automotive in 1971 before passing it on to Dale in 2003. He still plays a vital role in the business and continues his love of being an automotive technician.

He loves going up North, fishing, Snowmobiling and riding his Harley.

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Rick (Technician)

Part of the company since 1978, Rick has nearly 40 years of working with SK Automotive! His dedication to the company is just a testament to his love of the automotive industry. Married with 3 boys, he enjoys cooking and spending time with friends and family!

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Jason (Service Manager)

As the service manager, Jason is the backbone of the company. Keeping track of the day to day operations, and using his 13 years of industry knowledge to bring quality customer experience!

He enjoys fishing and spending time with his family.

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Graham (Technician)

Joined SK Automotive in 2016, attended Fanshawe College before joining the SK team! Growing up on a farm in Oakville, Graham brings his young eagerness to the team at SK Automotive. He enjoys snowmobiling, Off-roading, golf, and Hockey.

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Arran (Technician)

From the neighbouring Mississauga, Arran is a young technician using his youth to his advantage as a technician at SK Automotive. After his education at Mohawk College, he has been a strong new addition to the team.

He enjoys working on and racing dragsters with his father. He enjoys golfing and playing hockey.

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Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: Closed.


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Phone Number: 905-844-5674
Fax Number: 905-844-5931

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