If you own a car, you’re going to need to take it in for both regular and, sometimes, emergency maintenance. When you do, you’ll have to leave your car with your mechanic and trust that they get the job done and get it done well. Before you leave your car with anyone, you need to find someone that you can trust. Ask your friends and family who their trust with their cars, and look carefully at online reviews to find someone that you want to try out. Do a test run before you have to do any significant maintenance, just get a simple oil change and see how it goes, so that you can trust your new mechanic when it comes time to do something big. Here are the dos and don’ts when dealing with an auto mechanic.

1. Learn to Communicate

It is incredibly difficult for a mechanic to understand what is going on with your car if you cannot describe the problem. Of course, they can take a look and will be able to figure it out after running diagnostics, but if they have an idea of what might be going wrong, it can help streamline the process. There is language that you can learn that will help you communicate the problems that are happening to your care. This includes:

  • Hesitation – a small loss of power when accelerating
  • Dieseling – when an engine continues to burn fuel after the car has been turned off for a brief period
  • Backfire – a sound like a gunshot that comes from the engine or tailpipe
  • Surge – a sudden change in engine speed, usually upward

Knowing how to talk about your car means that your car will be better serviced.

2. Keep Your Car Pristine

While it’s understandable that your car might end up a little bit messy or cluttered you need to clean it out before you take it in for servicing. It’s not just about common courtesy, it’s also about safety and the ability of the mechanic to do his or her job. If your car is cluttered up, then they may be unable to reach certain areas that need fixing. If you have heavy things in your trunk, such as golf clubs or equipment for work, then your car may be weighed down to the point that its performance is affected when they are trying to diagnose the problem.

3. Be Ready to Answer a Call

Make sure you leave a number for the mechanic that you can actually be reached at. They may find something additional that needs servicing on your car while they work on another area. If you cannot be contacted, then your car has to be set aside and left for you to get back to them, putting you out and your mechanic.

Helping your mechanic out is the best way to ensure your car is well taken care of them. Treat them well and entrust your vehicle to them, don’t hover behind them while they work. The team at SK Automotive want to be the mechanics that you trust. Bring your car in today, and we’ll give you the impeccable service that you and your car deserve.