Vehicles are complicated machines and there are many things that might fail with them, but automobile repair shops are experienced with doing the same repairs again and again. The common repairs listed below can often be prevented if you properly maintain your car or truck and have preventative maintenance done on daily basis.

Below is a listing of the most typical repairs which repair stores see:

Brake Work

Some of the most typical repairs that car owners need which mechanics see on a daily basis have to do with the brake system. Wear and tear on brake pads is a repair which will more than likely occur more than once during the life of your vehicle. Brake lines rarely need repair unless they’re somehow cut.

Oil Changes

Oil changes must be done every few thousand kilometers to make sure your vehicle is in the best possible working state. Coolant systems, radiators, and temperature regulation system flushes fall into this category as well. These repairs can vary from fairly inexpensive to rather expensive depending on what that the problem your vehicle is facing.


Tire patches or whole replacements are a rather common issue; a tire can fail or leak for a number of reasons. For example, the sidewall can divide or you can accidentally run over a nail or other sharp objects that have found their way onto the road. Repairs are fairly inexpensive, but if the tire needs replacement the cost might go up.

Electric Systems

Battery fixes or charges are comparatively simple to electrical system problems. Electrical system issues include problems such as blown fuses, lamp bulbs, and might also include more severe issues. With regards to the serious electric problems, it is probably a wise idea to let a well-trained professional deal with it. Simple repairs like brake light bulbs fixes can usually be done at home.

Fuel Systems

Fuel pumps can become clogged if you drive your vehicle with less than a 1/4 of a tank on a regular basis. Fuel filters also need to be substituted on a regular basis. These fixes should be done by a professional mechanic at a well-trusted auto repair shop.


Transmission repairs are usually expensive and complex. If you are having transmission problems, you need to bring your vehicle into a repair shop immediately to avoid any disaster while you drive on the road with a non-functioning transmission system.

Exhaust System

Again, these repairs are fairly expensive and many people would need a pro to do the jobs. If you are looking for a professional and friendly repair shop in Oakville to fix your muffler and/or exhaust system, bring your vehicle down to SK Automotive. Our mechanics have over 30 years of experience repairing cars so people can drive them out of the shop worry free!

Air Conditioning System

The final entry on that the list is the air conditioning system. These systems can be very complicated to fix yourself, so you should rely on a well-trusted repair shop to work on it for you!