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SK Automotive should be your go-to mechanic for your oil changes in Oakville! We are always available for your regular oil changes and we have no doubt that you will appreciate the professional and quick oil change.

Keeping your vehicle at peak performance begins with the oil. One of the leading causes of engine failure stems from not changing the oil regularly. A strong car starts with keeping clean motor oil in your engine, and every car is different! Combustion vehicles with strong engines, oil type (such as synthetic oil), and driving habits must be taken into account when doing maintenance on your vehicle. This can be difficult to manage when your day is busy. We keep ample records of your vehicle maintenance history in order to monitor your vehicle’s performance changes. We remember what oil works best with your car, and how your car performs compared to your last oil change and if it’s time for your next oil change.

SK Automotive’s technicians are trained to diagnose and properly service your vehicle properly. Our customers come first and their vehicle’s health is our top priority.  Located right off the QEW at Dorval, SK Automotive is in the heart of the town of Oakville. easy to be reached whenever you need your car serviced. 

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